Our dedicated leasing team has a detailed knowledge of the properties and space available across the entire Liuzzi Property Group portfolio and can help you find just the right premises for your business. Our focus is establishing long-term relationships to promote success for our tenants and help us to better serve the community.

The leasing team attends not only to our clients’ needs but also their expectations, something you won’t find with other organisations. 

We have a range of long-term and short-term leasing opportunities in properties across Australia with space available to suit a wide variety of leasing requirements for the industrial, retail, commercial and even casual leasing environments.

If nothing in our current vacancy listings suits please contact us with your requirements in case we are anticipating a future vacancy in our portfolio. We would also be happy to consider acquiring a suitable property to fulfill your requirements.

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Commercial Vacancies

Industrial Vacancies

Retail Vacancies

 Casual Leasing Opportunities

With a large portfolio of retail properties throughout Australia we are able to provide substantial opportunities for casual mall leasing, kiosk sites or “pop up” stores for short-term leasing opportunities.

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